01 Digital

3D Architectural Rendering

Architectural rendering a part of the graphics and architectural design where the engineer aims to show a virtual reality before buildings go under construction. Our services in 3D architectural rendering, including interior and exterior, have to lead to happy customers.

02 Animation

3D Walkthrough Animation

3D Walkthrough is an animated structure, which is useful for the clients who are seeking to have a look and virtually feel the interior of their dream home even before being constructed. With the help of animation and the concept of computer graphics of its 3-dimensional model as a tool brings the dream of the home seeker comes true.

03 Modeling

3D Product Model

Product modeling is a magnificent process for receiving a better response from the viewer or the client. It involves the structural construction of a building's interior, exterior, multiple building, multi-story apartments & office space, and much more in a physical form.

04 Physical

Miniature / Scale Model

Creating a geometric scale miniature model can be the most reliable way to ensure the accuracy and the performance of the current equipment or fluid flow arrangements. It is a small-scale imitation or a small version of any architectural project.


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Visualize Your Projects In Four Simple Steps


The initial to step to start the project is from uploading or explaining your clear viewpoint of material references, divisions in your place, floor plans, dimensions, and other essentials with us so we can make other statistics transparent to you. In case you are not sure about explaining your concept, sharing a reference, image or would also do good.



After determining your reference, we will share a written proposal within 24 hrs. Once you share your agreement of starting the project, we start working on your idea. Before that, conclude our cost-effect packages to know more.




Meanwhile, the progress of your project undergoes, you will have a timely update of every change you need or request to know about. Moreover, all the modifications will be made after the process of proof rendering. Free insignificant updates on materials and textures.



As soon as we receive your agreement after you proofread the project, we will go for a high-resolution rendering to process the end outcome. The end rendering will be released upon complete payment is received.


Our Services

Architectural Animation

If you anticipate your project whether you are renovating an old building to a new house or office space, you can get complete looks of the building as you opt for 3D walkthrough animation. The technology is a one-time investment and also cuts down your cost by not investing much in your project and can be altered according to your satisfaction.

Medical Animation

Animation has intensified the methods of representing medical science in the best interactive ways, which claims better concepts in order, events, and complicated processes. Vraymax understands the core of medical animation and delivers elite medical animation services.

3D Short Films

Vraymax is widely known for offering its services of innovative 3D short films depending on client's requirement. We have achieved substantial experience in creating animated clips, commercials, films etc. Our organization is now becoming one of the foremost leading 3D animation studios.

3D (Isometric) Floor Plan

The process of floor planning is initially a drawing to scale to show a view from above in architecture and building engineering. Working with Vraymax offers you to enjoy a complete design of a building or block with striking tones and classy lights in each room along with the equipped suits.

Industrial Animation

A 3D industrial animation is one most powerful and effective system of explaining complicated processes, which are entirely technical in nature. Industries and companies are highly specialized in terms of dimensions and decors, as they require operations on complex technologies, machines, and equipment, which may need fundamental learning or awareness.

Educational Animation

The animation is gaining the demand in nearly every industry, whether it is in the field of medication, architectural, or educational. It gives a clearer representation of your thoughts leading better recognition of information. It is now preferred to improve the approach to education.

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