Love Takes Center Stage in Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein: Episode Update for May 7, 2023

In the latest episode of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein, Sai takes care of Vinayak and stays with him until late at night. When she tries to leave, Vinayak holds her hand in his sleep and asks her not to go. Ashwini notices her and asks if she went home, to which Sai responds that she couldn’t leave because Vinu held her hand. Ashwini then asks how she is doing, and Sai says she’s fine.

Ashwini reveals that Pakhi had informed them about Sai’s marriage, and she thought that Pakhi and Virat’s relationship would revive after Sai’s marriage. However, Ashwini was proven wrong as Sai and Virat’s bonding is stronger than Pakhi and Virat’s relationship. As a result, Pakhi left home, and Ashwini prays for her return. She asks Sai to return home as her in-laws must be worried about her.

In Sai’s absence, Satya takes care of Savi, and she calls him “papa” in her sleep, asking him not to go away from her. Sai later finds Pakhi’s divorce papers and a note for Virat on the floor. She walks to Virat and finds him crying while holding candy floss.

Sai’s soul walks to Virat’s soul and asks him to control himself for Vinu’s sake at least. However, Virat tells her to get out of there, saying that he doesn’t need her advice. Sai hugs him and asks him to vent out his frustration, as she can’t see him in this condition. She then realizes it was her imagination and walks away, keeping the documents on the table. Virat notices her and stops her, reminding her that she is someone else’s wife and DIL and should not return there again.

Sai says that it is about her son now, and she will not keep quiet. She is a mother and is worried for her son, and they both should do their best as parents individually. She leaves from there and reaches home, where Amba notices her and realizes that it’s already 4 a.m. Satya wakes up and asks if Vinu is fine now, to which Sai responds in the affirmative.

Sai thanks Satya for taking care of Savi and says she didn’t know Savi would get attached to him so soon. She also reveals to him that Pakhi has left divorce papers before leaving home, and there was a bitter past between her, Virat, and Pakhi. Sai posts a missing advertisement in the newspaper with Pakhi’s photo, requesting her to return home as her son is ill, her husband is in pain, and tomorrow is her son’s birthday.

Amba walks to Sai and tells her that it’s difficult to understand her sometimes. Sai responds by saying that she went to meet her son last night and can’t give any explanation for that. She assures Amba that she is working in her kitchen as she truly wants to fulfill her responsibilities towards this house.

Sai returns to her room and finds Satya fixing his shirt’s button. She offers to fix it for him, and Satya reveals that Amba was upset with her visit to her son at Chavan nivas. He tells her that he married her for his mother’s happiness and doesn’t want to hurt her. Sai assures him and says that when he is supporting her, it’s her duty to support him as a friend. They both decide to go to the hospital, but Satya remembers that it’s Savi’s parent-teacher meeting, so they change their plans accordingly.

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