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Vray Max Studio intends to make optimum use of technology, expertise in facilitating medical research, training and business.

Our Services

Architectural Animation

The 3D walkthrough is one of the technologies where one can go within utmost details of the project. It becomes so easy to display your real depiction into the realism. The prime advantage is to give the onlooker a real site by 3D visualization and its vast reality.

Medical Animation

With a short educational video clip, you explain what words cannot. To help you do this, we are here advancing with the 3D computer graphics to take your medical world a step ahead. Our medical animation work plays as an instructional tool for medical professionals or patients.

3D Short Films

One of the best approaches to leave a last mark on your client that certainly help you in getting the deal. Even if your work is not into real estate, 3D Short films are still the best idea to show a business representation. Make the work more effective and let your work speak on your behalf.

Aerial Photography

Capturing photographs from an aircraft or other flying objects, we ensure to give the best shots. Our Aerial photography services include fixed-wing aircraft, rockets, helicopters, dirigibles, kites, building, parachutes, stand-alone telescoping, vehicle-mounted poles, and much more.

Industrial Animation

Since residential apartments are way different from industrial buildings, therefore, their initial designing work vary accordingly. Depending on what you seek, our expert architects develop industrial animation for multi-story buildings along with its interiors and exteriors renderings.

Education Animation

Making the world a better place and educating people with better approach, education animation is here turn learning a fun activity. It not only will cut down human effort, but also makes concept clearer to other people. Be the one leading the race of education system.

3D E learning Videos

Do you have an online education website or need help in your YouTube videos? Great, because we can help you make it a better platform for those who are seeking you. We are here to develop 3D E learning videos on the topic you want and you can share it to you visitors.

Documentary Films

Our skilled professionals have been making high-quality documentary files and have led to making happy customers across the world. If you have your idea of a film and want to work on it, let us help you for the best documentary movie.

Corporate presentation

With our 3D rendering services, get your business and corporate presentation done in its best from. Acquire the renderings to obtain increasing traffic and proposals. We help you to accomplish the business goals you have set, whether it is domestic or global.

Video film production

We notice that people are now more fond of watching films than reading long articles online. If you are among those who are into entertaining people, work with our experts and serve your audience with amazing video films.

Exterior Rendering

Be it a residential place or commercial, it automatically looks better when it is fully equipped from inside as well outside. We give shape to the outer area of your house/ building with our smart move of utilizing free space. Sense the virtual reality of our exterior rendering works.

3D Panoramic View (360°)

The technology has introduced a photo-capturing mode develops curiosity in users to see the look of a place from every angle. You open the possibilities to represent multiple gateways to a new marketing platform. 360 Degree Media Advertising is best for increased conversions.