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Matsya Digital intends to make optimum use of technology, expertise in facilitating medical research, training and business.

Our Services

Architectural Animation

Architectural Animation is an integral part of Infrastructural constructions and real estate sector. It enables people to envisage their dreams in the most impressive manner and helps them observe a 3D view of their real estate investment. Matsya Digital is one of the premium digital companies, which has rendered phenomenal ideas and services in architectural animation to a number of its esteemed clients.

Medical Animation

Animation has magnified ways of depicting medical science in the most interactive way, which boasts better understanding of sequences, events and complex processes. Matsya Digital has captured the essence of medical animation and renders exclusive medical animation services. We believe that 3D animations play an important role as training tools and prove their eminence for demonstration purposes.

3D Short Films

Matsya Digital is well-known in producing interactive 3D short films on the demand and as per the needs of its clients. We have gained substantial experience in producing animation films, commercials etc. and are now turning into one of the distinguished leading 3D animation studios.

Aerial Photography

Matsya Digital has successfully spread its ‘service providing’ wings in the mind blowing field of Aerial Photography. We are specialized in making aerial videos and acquiring high quality images via latest technology like remote controlled helicam etc. Aerial Photography means clicking the photographs of ground from an altitude or an elevated position.

Industrial Animation

Industries and companies in highly technical fields operate on complex technologies, machines and equipment which require intrinsic learning and study. 3D industrial animation is one of the most powerful and effective means of providing training or explanation of complicated processes which are entirely technical in nature.

Education Animation

Animation has interestingly advanced ways of learning as well as teaching. It leads to better retention of information as it makes use of both audio as well as verbal communication. In addition, it improves the cognitive skills of the learners. Education animation has proven its effectiveness in demonstration, comprehension and exchange of communication.

3D E learning Videos

Matsya Digital offers dedicated services in producing and creating first class 3D E-learning videos. Our highly skilled animators enliven learning concepts by using latest 3D /2D techniques.

Documentary Films

Matsya Digital has expanded its horizon from 3D short films to documentary films. Whether it is made for personal affairs or for business purposes, our objective is to transform your ideas into reality as efficiently as possible.

Corporate presentation

Matsya Digital is specialized in designing and developing world-class corporate presentation or video films for industries.

Video film production

We have a team of versatile and creative cinematographers who put in their artistic hand, creative mind and technical expertise to shoot magnificent video films.

Exterior Rendering

We provide effective exterior rendering and take into consideration all the relevant parameters or specifications involved in executing the task.

3D Panoramic View (360°)

In Architectural animation, 3D Panoramic View is exclusively designed to provide a 360 degree panorama of virtual place. Under this virtual tour, the viewer can navigate 360 degree around each and every room in any and every direction as per his desire or choice.