Usher vs. Chris Brown: The Ultimate Showdown Caught on Camera

Last night, Usher and Chris Brown got into a heated argument that escalated into a violent scuffle outside Skate Rock City roller rink in Vegas. The video footage shows the lead-up to the altercation.

Chris was celebrating his 34th birthday among celebrity friends, including Usher, with whom he’s incredibly close. Earlier in the evening, Usher and company sang to Chris, and everything was fine. However, things took a turn for the worse in the early hours of the morning.

According to eyewitnesses, Chris was trying to talk to Teyana Taylor, who was also in attendance and sitting on a bench just outside the rink. Teyana was ignoring him, which apparently angered Chris, and he started to yell at her. Usher tried to intervene and calm Chris down, as seen in the video.

Unfortunately, Chris wasn’t having it and continued to curse at Usher and Teyana, focusing most of his anger on Usher. Eventually, Chris told his crew they were leaving, and they exited the facility. Usher took off his skates and went after them.

An eyewitness who was present for the altercation reported seeing Usher go behind a string of charter buses that were parked in the lot, where Chris and his crew were at. A short time later, Usher emerged with what appeared to be a bloody nose.

It’s unclear if Usher sought medical attention or if a police report was filed.

As of this morning, Usher, Teyana, and Chris have remained silent, neither confirming nor denying the initial report by Hollywood Unlocked, which first broke the news of the fight between the two R&B superstars/friends. We can only hope that they can resolve their differences peacefully and move forward from this unfortunate incident.

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